Themed tour with elements of a quest

 Themed tour with elements of a quest for a couple "Intrigues of the Cupid"

During an unusual tour to the expositions of the Northern building of the palace, you will learn about romantic stories and the fate of the owners of Mir Castle, get acquainted with “amorous” scenes on crockery, tapestries, bronze and other museum exhibits. Savvy and resourceful will receive unusual souvenirs.

A good completion to the excursion can be a marriage proposal to an unsuspecting soul mate.

We wish you pleasant emotions and impressions!

More information and ordering by phones: +375159636270; +375159636290; +375159636232.

The duration of the tour is 90 minutes.

Tour price for 2 people: 28 BYN.


Family quest tour Legends and Traditions of Mir Castle

The family group will walk the route with a guide. The participants will receive an envelope containing a task (6 envelopes in total) to be completed in certain halls. To complicate the task, having found the necessary item, the team must solve a puzzle. The participants will learn a new legend or family history of the castle owners with each correctly completed task. The ultimate goal is to collect all the legends and stories about Mir Castle.

Quest tours are held from Tuesday to Friday by appointment.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Group from 2 to 5 people.

Price: 35 BYN.