Mir Castle in the cinema

In the small town Mir in Grodno region is located a castle of 16-20th centuries. This is the unique monument of Belarusian architecture. Recently he became a visiting card of Belarus, and one of the most visited castles in Eastern Europe. An impressive history of local sights often becomes the basis for films, and the castle was a picturesque backdrop for filming. 

Mir Castle and its surroundings have been engaged in such films as "Through the Cemetery" (1964, USSR, war drama, directed by V. Turov), "Eastern Corridor" (1966, USSR, war drama, directed by V. Vinogradov), "To be afraid of woe – not to see happiness"(1973, the Soviet Union, a musical comedy, directed by V. Turov), "Three merry shifts" (1977, USSR, comedy, directed by: D. Mihleev, V.Pozdnyakov, Y. Oksanchenko), "The Lady Maria" (1979, USSR, war drama, directed by N. Troshchenko),"Shlyahtich Zavalnia, or Belarus in the fiction stories" (1994, Belarus, feature film, directed by V. Turov),"Ermolovy" (2008, Russia, drama series, directors: V. Krasnopolsky, Uskov, S. Vinogradov), "Sniper. Weapon of Nemesis" (2008-2009, Russia / Belarus, war drama, directed by A. Efremov), "1812: Ulanskaya Ballad "(2012, Russia, a historical film, directed by O. Fesenko). 

War drama "Through the Cemetery" (1964) by Belarusian director V. Turov according to UNESCOdecision in 1995 joined the list of 100 best movies about war. 

In autumn in 1942, when German army came to Stalingrad, a group of Belarusian partisans took on the task of undermining of the German military trains. Appeared without ammunitions, partisans sent young Mikhas to the mechanic Bugreev. One of the episodes was shooted near the church-tomb of Princes Svyatopolk-Mirsky. 


Film "Eastern Corridor" was shooted in 1966 and directed by young Belarusian director V. Vinogradov resembles the surreal fantasy of Belarusian underground during the war. The filmmakers found an unusual backdrop for story lines. Scenes were shooted in Lithuania and Mir Castle, which had a very pitiable sight at that times. 


The plot of the comedy "Three merry shifts", which was shown on the Soviet screen in 1977, includes stories and novels of children's writer Y. Yakovlev: "Awakened by Nightingales", “The Mystery of Fenimore" and "Naughty boy Icarus”. All three parts of the film tells about the guys living in the camp, their amazing adventures and discoveries. Events in the second series of the film take place near Mir Castle and the church - tomb of Princes Svyatopolk-Mirsky. 


The plot of the film "Shlyahtich Zavalnia or Belarus in the fiction stories", directed by V. Turov in 1994, is based on the novel of J. Borschevsky "Shlyahtich Zavalnia or Belarus in the fiction stories". 

This kind gentleman lives in the Polotsk region. His homestead stands at a crossroads, so the house is always full of visitors. And everyone knows that Zavalnia likes different fantastic stories most of all. Therefore, every guest wants to tell some fantastic stories. 

Background for some incredible stories of casual visitors of Zavalnia bacame walls Mir Castle. In the south-western tower of the castle were shooting the third part of the book on the panel Tvardovsky (D. Banionis) and White Magpie (E. Borzov). 


In the series "Yermolovs", which was published in Russian film distribution in 2008, there is the legend about jewels of princes Radziwilles, who appears again and again with amazing persistence in a genus of Yermolovs, destroying all of their personal lives. According to the legend, the damnation will be removed from them only after they gather at a direct descendant of Radziwill. The first set of the movie was shooted in the courtyard of Mir Castle and included footage of episodes on the interior walls of the castle. 

The shooting of the episodes of the feature film by A. Efremov "Sniper. Weapon of retaliation" and his fourth television version were held in the courtyard and the palace of the Mir Castle in 2008-2009. 


Thus, in these feature films environs of Mir Castle Complex became bright background for events. Unusual because of its beauty, Mir Castle will cause interest of filmmakers in the near future.