Information for visitors with limited capacities


Memo for the people with disabilities on issues of obtaining services and assistance from museum staff


Dear visitors of the Mir Castle Complex Museum!


We suggest you to get acquainted with the information about the procedure for providing access to the building of our museum for the visitors with disabilities, and also information about the features of providing them with that services, and about additional assistance from the staff of the museum.

We provide partial access to the museum and the complex for people with disabilities. Also there is provided passage to the expositions for wheelchair users, people with disorders of the musculoskeletal centres and visually impaired people on the 2nd  and 3rd  floors of the Northern Building  .

The entrance to the complex is from Zamkova Street (entry under the barrier and turn to the right along the path paved with stone) is carried out by prior agreement with the administrator of the museum by phone +375159636270, +375159636290. It is also possible to leave vehicles in a parking on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street.

The administrator of the museum will provide the necessary assistance to wheelchair users to overcome the territory of the patio, paved with stone, to the entrance to the museum. Please note: the most convenient way to move around the yard is a path that runs diagonally.

According to paragraph 4 of Art. 164 of the Codex of the Republic of Belarus on Culture No. 413-З of July 20, 2016, persons with disabilities are granted the right to visit the museum free of charge (upon presentation of an appropriate certificate) to view expositions created on the basis of the museum funds.

For visits by organized groups of this category with a guided tour, preliminary registration is required, which is carried out through the museum website (in the note to the order, it must be added that the group is with disabilities). In addition, contact the museum administrator to clarify the data by phones: +375159636270, +37515936290.

The museum has the following equipment providing access to the facility and to the services provided to visitors with disabilities:

- two movable ramps TR 201-77 (0.77 cm.wide) and one telescopic 2-section ramp MR 207-4 (122 cm.wide) to overcome obstacles at the entrance to the building, thresholds and elevations along flight of stairs;

- available entry group;

- the ability to assist a disabled person at the entrance (exit) and movement around the museum;

- affordable sanitary and hygienic premises, which is located on the ground floor of the passenger elevator (basement).

To rise to the exposition of the Northern building of the palace from the 1st to the 2nd and 3rd floors you can use the passenger elevator, the size of which in plan is 1.30 x 1.45. With the help of a passenger elevator, it is possible to go down to the ground floor, on which there is a wardrobe and a sanitary room.

The established number of accompanying persons in the museum for citizens with disabilities:

-  for accompaniment disabled people of the 1st group – 1 accompanying for one disabled person;

- for accompaniment disabled children under the age of 18 years – 1 accompanying person for one child;

- for organized groups of visitors with disabilities – 1 accompanying for 10 people.

All the necessary additional assistance is provided by the museum staff. To call our collaborator, use the phone: +375159636270, +375159636290 (museum administrator).