Mir Castle is not just a museum exhibition. It is also an unusual place for the brightest celebrations, for example, such as the ceremony of marriage registration. An unusual place of the wedding ceremony is the castle of the 16th century. You will remember this solemn day for all life.

The wedding ceremony in the Portrait Hall

price 390 BYR

The ceremony of marriage registration will take place in the historical interiors of the castle, in the most beautiful hall – the Portrait Hall. Newlyweds and their guests go back into the Middle Ages, due to the interiors of the castle and unusual characters that participate in the ceremony.

Tel: 8-01596-36-2-90; 8-01596-36-2-70


The wedding ceremony near the walls of the castle

price 150 BYR

Mir Castle is unique monument of Belarusian architecture of the 16th century. It serves an ideal decoration for the ceremony of marriage registration. A picturesque landscape of the castle, its restaurant and hotel allow organizing spectacular wedding ceremonies in any season.

Tel: 8-01596-36-2-90; 8-01596-36-2-70


The wedding anniversary

price 200 BYR

(This price is for the group up to 6 persons, the rest of the guests have to pay for tickets).

We invite you to spend your wedding anniversary in Mir Castle, becoming a participant of a theatrical show “The story of love and fidelity.” Tel: 8-01596-36-2-90; 8-01596-36-2-70


The photo-session is in the Northern building of the Mir Castle Complex

price 40 BYR

(Entrance by tickets for participants of the photo-session)

Tel: 8-01596-36-2-90; 8-01596-36-2-70



thematic excursions, theatrical performances, museum studies

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Mir Castle Hotel

16 rooms that combine unique luxury interiors and modern comfort



The "White Elephant" quest is another exclusive product of Mir Castle.