The Eurasian International Culture Festival


On June 21, 2018 the Eurasian International Culture Festival took place in Mir Castle.

The festival started at 1.00 pm in the Portrait Hall with the awarding ceremony of the laureates of the contest "Legal Trade – Safe World" and of the laureates of the BelBrand Art Award.

The open competition "Legal Trade – Safe World" is held in the field of literature, visual and decorative arts, and video. Its goal is to develop and popularize innovative approaches to educating young people against counterfeit and pirated goods, understanding the important negative economic and social consequences of illegal trade. The contest also solves the problems of supporting young talented authors, their identity and personal growth.

The finalists and winners of this competition, as well as the laureates of the BelBrand Art Award, were awarded with memorable prizes from the Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property "BelBrand".

As part of the award ceremony, performances of laureates of republican and international contests (vocal, piano) are planned.

The festival day is continued by the musical and choreographic fashion show "Way to Belarus" by designer Anastasia Falkovich.

Anastasia Falkovich is a famous Belarusian designer who uses folk and historical heritage of Belarusians in her works. Together with a young director Jan Kleshchenko, with the support of PAWA and FEERIA groups, she will present a sketch based on the musical and choreographic fashion show "Way to Belarus", the premiere of which will take place in September 2018.

The concert of the winners of the International music award of the Eurasian Economic Union "BELBRAND AWARD" took place in the courtyard from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

"BELBRAND AWARD" is a professional platform for identifying young and talented performers in the field of classical music in order to further their promotion in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, Europe and the whole world. The Eurasian Symphony Orchestra was founded in 2017. The idea of its creation belongs to the organizers of the "BELBRAND AWARD" Prize and the international project "Eurasian International Festival of Cultures".

The winners of the "BELBRAND AWARD" from Belarus, Serbia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia are performed with the orchestra on June 21.

Folk and musical show "Journey through Nevrida" became a pleasant end to the festival day at 9 pm.

The Belarusian fantasy-folk band "Nevrida" was founded in February 2013 by a soloist Pavel Taipov. The name was given in honor of the once-existing on the territory of today's Belarus powerful country of the Neuri.

Nevrida is a participant of numerous media projects, competitions and festivals in Belarus and abroad.

The performance of "ARBAT" Duo Show and the winner of the Special Prize of the Eurasian International Rating Championship on Oriental Dances among professionals2018, Milena Volsky, became a bright addition to the program.

The organizers have prepared a special surprise for the visitors – the performance of the participant of "Dancing on TNT" TV project, representative of American step in Belarus Yulia Kosmina and the TAP TAWN team.