Charity Christmas Ball


On December 21st, within the framework of the large-scale republic action “Our children”, two Charity Christmas Ball were held in Mir Castle for the pupils of the State Educational Institution “Ponemunsky Orphanage” from Grodno, the State Educational Institution “Volkovysk Orphanage”, and the State Educational Institution “Social-pedagogical center of Korelichi district”. Not only a ball was prepared for children in the Portrait Hall, but by a real fairy tale with a nativity Scene show and elements of the quest in the Elephant Hall. It was there that the kids saw the enchanted Knight and felt a challenge to help him and, as a result, freed the Knight from the spell of the Black Princess with their laugh and sonorous voices. Many surprises were arranged for children on the holiday, which were prepared for young ladies and gentlemen by Prince Mikhail Kazimir Radziwill, nicknamed a “little fish” and Princess Frantishka Urschulya Radziwill. The music invited children to such dances as “Polonaise”, “Marazul”, “Minuet”, “Snail”, “Drumul Dracule”. Of course there were a lot of gifts for children at the ball!